Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The past few weeks have been absolutely out of control.

NYC Portfolio reviews are tomorrow so the studio has been a whirlwind of activity, everyone rushing to cut business cards, make promotional pieces, print and bind their books... somehow I finished my book last night around 12, despite the fact that the paper I ordered didn't come on time (even though they GUARANTEED I would have it in time), luckily Hillary had some extra paper laying around. So an hour of printing, and hour of cutting, and almost 2 hours of binding and making a cover I FINALLY have my book and can breathe for the first time in weeks! Now I just need my postcards to be printed, but the GCC seems to have lost my file. great.

I just can't WAIT to be back in NYC tomorrow, I have nothing planned for the afternoon so it's going to be wonderful to just sit down somewhere and work on my sketches for House Industries all day and just relax. Maybe it'll be a nice day and I can sit outside =) The review should be fun as well, seeing all the VCers who graduated already...Amy said she might be there too which would be awesome so she could see all the work I've been slaving away at!

In non-art related news, there is now a swine flu outbreak, or snoutbreak as it's hilariously being called, and the gym is closed down to become a flu clinic. You'd think it was the apocolypse: last night UD sent me a text message, phone call, 3 emails and a phone call to my parents to warn me about the 4 students who have it, and tell me that I should be washing my hands and not coughing in other peoples faces...really? Glad I learned that back in kindergarten...

Anyway, time to make some last minute adjustments to my website before tomorrow and hopefully pick up my leave-behind postcards!