Tuesday, May 19, 2009

some cool sites

Generally I find ART315 to be irrelevant and painful considering it means 3 hours of sitting on a hard wooden chair with a tiny built-in desk (and being a lefty it's always impossible to write at that angle!) listening to a long and drawn-out lecture about some incomprehensible topic. So it was definitely a bit of a relief to go to class the other day and actually talk about some interesting stuff.
We were learning about new media and he showed us this cool artist Julien Vallee who works with a lot of paper collage to create ads... it reminded me a lot of Leo Monahan, a friend of my mom who makes intense 3D collages out of layers of paper. Talk about good craft. We also looked at some of the work Joshua Davis has done. I think its pretty cool that he can create computer programs to make some awesome illustrations, and then wades through thousands of computer generated images to find the right one. I definitely wish that UD had offered more classes on flash and other programs, rather than just having little workshops here and there, of course they're just STARTING to now that I'm graduating...c'est la vie.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new website!

I just finished completely redesigning and updating jessicagiles.com... check it out!