Friday, June 26, 2009


there's an article on AdAge about Sharpie's new campaign about "uncapping creativity" and it seems like it should be interesting. they're also coming out with more sharpie pens which makes me really excited since I LOVE those pens. Anyway, they have a pretty cool site up now where people can upload all the things they've designed with sharpies. I found this AMAZING photo of a lamborghini that a guy completely covered in sharpie drawings:

absolutely insane. and apparently it only took 2 weeks! there are more pics here.

...I definitely need to step up my sharpie drawing!

Monday, June 22, 2009

fun ads and photoshop tutorials

working at merkley + partners is absolutely amazing. There's so much to do and it feels great to be producing tons of work :-) Today Pat and I spent a while researching various ads and executions styles for a project we're working on and I came across a bunch of cool work. I love the simplicity and style of these eini & co. cupcake ads:

speaking of cupcakes, my ads for connie's bakery are going to run next month! very exciting :-)

In our research we found a bunch of cool tutorials as well and I spent tonight working on creating an apple in photoshop from scratch:

This particular tutorial came from and I think it turned out pretty well...It definitely makes me want to try more tutorials and learn more of the complicated photoshop techniques.

Alright bedtime for me, more cool stuff i've been finding in the next post!

Friday, June 5, 2009


life has been a little surreal lately. as of last weekend I am officially a college graduate, which is liberating and terrifying at the same time. the past week has been crazy with moving back to NY, doctors appts, having to testify in court (finally justice for my stolen wallet!) and lots of job interviews and phone conversations with some amazing headhunters...and everything's falling into place! I was offered an internship at Merkley + Partners starting this monday (very last minute!) and I'm SO excited to start. I love so much of their work and I feel that quite a bit of it has a similar style to my own so it should be a great experience. Pat Don might come with me, which would be awesome, but he wouldn't start until a week later. If he does he'll end up living with me at my parent's house which should be quite the experience :-) Anyway, i'm super excited for monday... it'll be great have some work to do so I won't sit in front of the tv all day...and maybe I'll have more to write about!